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Weird Golf News Of The Week: Did burglars steal a set of golf clubs linked to the O.J Simpson murder case?


When burglars broke into the home of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom home on March 4, it wasn't anything of Khloe and Lamar's they were looking for, according to a report from

Norman Pardo, O.J. Simpson's manager, tells RadarOnline that he believes the burglars were looking for an extremely valuable set of O.J. Simpson's golf clubs. The clubs were linked with the 1994 murder of O.J. Simpson's former wife Nicole Brown Simpson -- a case where Simpson was famously cleared on two counts of murder.

The report describes how the golf clubs were rumored to have have contained a knife, bloody clothes, gloves or other things hidden inside the shafts. Because their whereabouts are unknown, the clubs have become extremely valuable.

The golf clubs came to be associated with Khloe Kardashian through her father, Robert, a close friend of O.J. who was Simpson's defense attorney during the trial. Simpson stayed at Kardashian's house in the days following his Brown Simpson's murder, and Kardashian also read a note from Simpson to the media -- believed, at the time, to have been Simpson's suicide note.

Robert Kardashian was linked with the case itself for a time after he was allegedly seen carrying a bag of Simpson's shortly after the murder. Prosecutors speculated the bag may have been filled with evidence relating to the murder.

The golf clubs had gone missing by 2003, when Robert Kardashian died of cancer. Theories soon after arose that the clubs had been buried in Robert's old house, destroyed, or perhaps inherited by Robert's daughter, Khloe, who Simpson's manager has long claimed to be Simpson's biological child. That theory is what Simpson's manager believes motivated the burglars to break into Khloe and Lamar's house last week.

Follow all that? A dizzying, soap-opera like series of events, to say the least.