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Weird golf news: Golfer survives drive-by shooting at Kansas City course

February 12, 2015

Tiger Woods made headlines last week for walking off after 11-plus holes at Torrey Pines with a bad back, but an amateur golfer had to WD on the 12th hole at his local course Tuesday for something a lot scarier: a drive-by shooting.

According to, a 63-year-old man, who wishes only to be identified as George, was shot in the leg while in the fairway of the 12th hole at Painted Hills Golf Course in Kansas City, Kan. Despite hearing a strange noise, George didn't realize he'd been shot until his playing partner pointed out his leg was bleeding profusely. The two immediately rode a cart back to the clubhouse, where George was taken by an ambulance to a hospital.

"[It was] super frightening. I thought I was going to die," he said. "In fact, I made up my mind when I was in the ambulance that if I lost consciousness, I was going to be in heaven with my mother and father."

Fortunately, that never happened and George has been released from the hospital, although the bullet remains in his leg for now.

Police believe shots were fired from a moving vehicle, but no arrests have been made. Authorities don't think George was being targeted, but was merely a random victim.

Here's the report, including George's interview, from KMBC 9 News Kansas City: