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You're probably having a better day than the guy who left his car parked in a sand trap

August 06, 2015

What's worse than leaving your ball in the bunker? How about leaving your car parked in one.

Dayton, Ohio, police are searching for a man who did just that Wednesday morning, according to If you were playing a round at Kittyhawk Golf Course, you had another hazard to negotiate on the 10th hole.

Later on Wednesday, a man was seen trying to break into a nearby activity center by trying to wedge his debit card in the door. The name on the card matched the name that the abandoned car is registered too. In other words, it doesn't look like things have gotten much better for this guy.

The man in question fled the scene and has yet to be caught. The good news for local golfers is his car has been towed off the course.