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Weekend Tip: Mickelson solves the hated half wedge

A brand-new golf instruction book just hit my desk today, from the editors of Golf Digest. GOLF: PLAY THE GOLF DIGEST WAY was put together by my colleague, Ron Kaspriske, and it's an impressive, full-color compilation of everything you could possibly need to play better golf. Here's a sample from the book, based on an article by Phil Mickelson on the Hated Half Wedge. Use this tip this weekend when you get in those in-between situations with a wedge in your hand.

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*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest*

Here's Phil:

Many amateurs find the half-wedge shot to be awkward, and when sand or water are involved, downright scary. If you tend to hit the ball fat or thin, can't decide how big a swing you should make, or find yourself coming up long or short, try my system. It will erase your fear and give you the consistency and control you've been looking for.


When playing this shot, open your stance, play the ball forward of center, and aim the clubface at your target.

In the backswing, cock your wrists fully, but limit your arm swing. Then swing down and through, but end the swing when your arms are parallel to the ground.