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Weekend Tip: Like Yani, set up for power

So much has been written this past week about players at the Masters, and with social media, you just can't get away from it. For example, teacher Gary Gilchrist Tweeted Friday about one of his students, Peter Hanson, when he tied for the lead midway through the second round. But Gilchrist has a more-famous student, and here's what you can learn from her:

In the new May issue of Golf Digest (Butch Harmon on the cover), which is in subscribers hands and on some newsstands starting today, Gilchrist analyzes Yani Tseng's full driver swing. Yani is so far ahead of the other LPGA players in the Rolex World Rankings that she could take the rest of the year off and still be No 1! Check the video of her full driver swing below (she led 2011 in driving distance with a 269.2-yard average).

One of the key points that you can use in your driver game this weekend is how Yani sets up with a lot of spine tilt to her right. She takes a fairly wide stance, her right shoulder noticeably lower than her left. As Gilchrist says in the article, "She's setting up with her right hip lower now, which causes more restriction in her hip turn, helps get her chest over her right knee at the top, and stops her left arm from getting too high."

Try this on your own driver setup. It will result in a more powerful, ascending approach into the ball, and longer shots off the tee.

Good luck with your game this weekend. And don't forget to tune into the Masters. Peter Hanson might still be in contention!

*Roger Schiffman

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