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Weekend Tip: Keegan Bradley's holiday gift

December 23, 2011

*'Twas the night before Christmas and . . . here's a final present for you, from the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year and PGA Champion, Keegan Bradley. It appears in the January 2012 issue of Golf Digest, on newsstands now (with Keegan on the cover).

As part of a larger article on iron play, Bradley demonstrates a drill that he learned from his teacher, Jim McLean. This drill helps his swing path. It's something you can do as well, without a ball, in your backyard, throughout the winter.


Jim and I have spent a lot of time working on my swing path, which used to be so far inside on the backswing that I had to loop it to the outside coming down. Now I'm swinging the club back and down on a path that stays inside my target line everywhere but at impact (when it's directly on the line).


To ingrain an inside-to-inside swing path, which is ideal for power and control, Jim has me stuff a headcover under my left armpit and try to keep it there as long as I can during the swing (left). It'll drop eventually but not until well after impact.

In addition to improving your path, this drill gives you a great feeling of unity with your club, hands, arms and body as you swing. Everything must move in sync, or the headcover drops.

*Thank you, Keegan. And have a great holiday, everyone.

Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest

Twitter [@Roger Schiffman


Photo Walter Iooss, Jr.