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Weekend Tip: How to putt like Stricker

In the August issue of Golf Digest, on newsstands this week (with Rickie Fowler on the cover), Steve Stricker reveals some of his putting secrets. He's considered one the best putters on the PGA Tour, and his putting stroke is one reason he's won the John Deere Classic the last three years. He's also in contention going into today's third round to win his fourth straight.

One of Stricker's keys to great putting is how he controls the stroke with his left hand. This is what he says:


*At address my left wrist is cupped, and my goal is to maintain that angle throughout the stroke. Most people have the shaft leaning toward the target, but the cupped wrist sets the shaft in a more vertical position. I believe this helps me strike the ball consistently in the same place on the putter's face as well as put the best possible roll on the ball. As I said earlier, I'm a left-hand dominant putter. I feel as if my pendulum stroke is moved by my left shoulder, arm and hand working together. Sometimes I practice rolling the ball with just my left arm. It's been my style from day one.

So give Stricker's advice a try and you just might start holing everything like he does.

**Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest

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