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We wouldn't advise hitting a golf shot this close to a giant gator

September 04, 2020

In one of the most memorable scenes of "Caddyshack," a red-hot Bishop Pickering continues to play through thunder and lightning. "The good lord would never disrupt the best game of my life," he says before continuing. Whoops.

Of course, it was a daring decision that ultimately winds up backfiring. But it's hard to imagine even the fictional Bishop being as bold as this real-life golfer during a recent low round.

At least, that's the explanation David Beall gave for getting dangerously close to a gator to hit a shot. Check out these pair of videos in which he first approaches his golf ball and then whacks his approach before running away from the giant reptile:

Thankfully, no animals—or golfers—were harmed making this video. And it looked like he actually pulled off a pretty good shot. Impressive.

Still, we don't advise hitting shots that close to a gator. But hey, you do you, David.

(h/t Foreplay)