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We were really hoping Robert Streb would be more ticked off about the Presidents Cup computer fiasco

August 25, 2015

EDISON, N.J. -- This is very disappointing. When word got out that the PGA Tour had screwed up the Presidents Cup points list, dropping certain players lower in the standings than they originally thought because of a computer error, you'd think we'd at least have gotten a worthwhile temper tantrum out of the deal.

A kicked over golf bag, perhaps. Or more appropriately, a 6-iron through a computer screen.

Instead, when Robert Streb, the player most impacted by the tour's mistake, was asked about it Tuesday, he was maddeningly even keel.

"I'm glad they sorted it out now rather than later," Streb said at Plainfield Country Club. "It would have been worse if guys who were already in the top 10 were moved out of it."

No player had a right to complain more than Streb. The Oklahoma native was listed in 11th place in the standings, largely on the strength of his win in the McGladrey Classic in October. But it turns out the tour was supposed to only award double points for tournaments in 2015, which meant Streb's win wasn't as valuable as he thought. He was actually in 16th place (and he's since dropped to 18th place).

Infuriating, right? Streb could have called for someone's head on a plate. Instead, when a PGA Tour official called him to break the bad news, the player -- wait for it -- said he understood.

"He had a human error," Streb said. "It happens. At least they figured it out now as opposed to later when people thought they had already qualified."

There are two more tournaments for Streb to qualify on his own. We're hoping he makes it, or at least works on his anger issues. He clearly has more to give.