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We should have our fill of all these Rory McIlroy videos, except this one's pretty sweet, too

March 31, 2015

We love everything about this Rory McIlroy mini-feature put out by his sponsor Bose, even if it touches on similar themes as another recent mini-feature put out by his sponsor Nike. You know, Rory is driven, Rory works out ridiculously hard in the gym, that kind of stuff.

Still, the Bose video offers a neat window into the world No. 1 as he prepares for the Masters. We even love the fact that there's footage of McIlroy throwing his 3-iron into the water at Doral. You normally wouldn't think you could turn such a juvenile display into a marketing opportunity. Somehow Bose pulls it off.

If anything, it's because McIlroy comes across as so genuinely likable. There's a point right before the two-minute mark when he's seated at a table with his inner circle and a server hands him a plate of food. McIlroy turns to thank her. It isn't much, and for all we know it might have been part of the script. But the golfer does it in such a natural way, you get the sense that's the way he operates regardless.

As Jaime Diaz quoted Florida golf executive Andy O'Brien saying in the April cover story in Golf Digest: "If you asked the cart guys at the Bear's Club who their favorite is among all the sports-celebrity members, it would be Rory, unanimously. He's the real deal when nobody's watching."

A slickly produced video put out by his corporate sponsor wouldn't qualify as such a moment. Still, there are plenty of similar videos of athletes floating all over the web, and they don't project the same vibe.