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We can't stop watching this Vine of Paul Casey moving his lips weirdly at the Tour Championship

September 25, 2015

This isn't exactly the type of highlight video we typically see in golf. This wasn't a chip in or a hole-in-one. Nope, this was a slo-mo video of Paul Casey moving his lips in disgust.

Don't know why, but this is fascinating. You know when you make a noise with your lips when you're frustrated? That's what Casey did on Friday at the Tour Championship in his second round. Except it seems like he did it for a really long time. And the NBC cameras and announcers really ate it up.

Dan Hicks was confused on whether to say Casey looked like a fish or a horse. So they called him both. A little weird. But so was Casey's reaction.

Casey's doing enough to warrant some other highlights. The Englishman is tied for second in the middle of his second round.

Here's Casey hitting a near-buried lie in the bunker to a couple of feet. You know, 'cuz these guys are gooood.