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We can now guarantee you a perfect draw...on a T-shirt, at least

February 14, 2018

Here at The Loop, the golf we watch and the golf we play are often two wildly different things. We might needle a tour player for putting too much backspin on a wedge into 18. Meanwhile, we're happy when we can simply find our third shot.

But all of us have dreams, however delusional, and that's where OUR FIRST OFFICIAL T-SHIRT, produced in partnership with our friends at Breaking T, comes into play.

Borrowing from one of our favorite Tigerisms, the right "traj" is all about how YOU flight YOUR ball. Maybe a gentle draw from right to left. Maybe a power fade to a tucked pin. Maybe a slice right onto the clubhouse patio. It's quite possible none of these shots are part of your actual repertoire—and it's very likely you'll never experience the joy humiliation of seeing one of them on a Pro Tracer—but, hey that's why they're "Goals" right?