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Watch what you say, Ryder Cup fans. You're being monitored a LOT more closely on Sunday

October 02, 2016

CHASKA, Minn. -- We're not sure what Arnold Palmer would have thought about Rory McIlroy's bows and Phil Mickelson's responding curtsies, but there's no debating this "Brawl By The Mall" has turned ugly. Outside the ropes, that is.

Unfortunately, the rowdy crowds at Hazeltine have become one of the biggest storylines at the 41st Ryder Cup. Although impressive in numbers, a select few have crossed the line of what's deemed acceptable at golf events. And they've crossed that line repeatedly. In the words of our Scottish colleague, John Huggan, there's "a sizeable rogue element, one seemingly ignorant of golf’s peerless and traditional etiquette."

McIlroy has been the most upset by the unruly crew, even getting one fan tossed on Saturday for saying, well, something we can't print. But all of his European teammates have been bothered by the taunts -- and probably the silent treatment from American fans when any of them hit a good shot.

There's hope things could get better for Sunday's singles, though, as it appears Ryder Cup officials will be monitoring the crowds more closely. And that extends to a plea for well-behaved fans to single out the bad apples.

The PGA of America also released a statement:

So "Keep Minnesota Nice!" Or at least, in the words of Ron Burgundy, "You stay classy, Hazeltine."