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Watch this stop-motion, LEGO-constructed video of Graham DeLaet playing golf

May 03, 2016

A Nic Cage pillow case. A fan theory that the Joker is the real hero of "The Dark Knight." A comprehensive list of all the guest stars on Sesame Street. I thought I had seen the wackiest the Internet had to offer.

Then I saw this LEGO-based, stop-motion video of PGA Tour member Graham DeLaet playing golf, and now I don't know what to believe:

I'm not sure if Instagram posts qualify for the Oscars, but if so, this garners a "Best Short Film" nomination. (Even if the creator misspelled DeLaet's name.)

At 34 years old, DeLaet is searching for his first tour win. But I don't care what the victory total says. If someone makes a LEGO-themed, stop-motion video in your likeness, you've made it, my friend.