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Watch this poor bastard accidentally cause a domino effect with golf bags

November 22, 2019

Men carry themselves with an undeserved sense of confidence. We think we have Herculean powers, when in truth most of us have the vitality of those "before" photos in workout commercials. Does that stop us from flying to the sun? Of course not. It just makes the fall that much more spectacular.

Especially when the cameras are rolling.

Like they were at the Golf Exchange in Eastgate, outside of Cincinnati, this past week, where video caught an employee attempting to rack a golf bag on a raised shelf. It's clear from the get-go this fella needs the help of a ladder or chair, but no no no, he's a MAN, he's got this under control. All he has to do is reach a little higher, maybe stand on his toes ...

The domino effect? A defeat in itself. But life doesn't let you just take the losses; it grabs your occipital bone, looks you in the eye, and smushes your face into the earth. A sentiment perfectly encapsulated by that final God-forsaken grey bag...

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2019/11/22/5dd857e0875d400008c389bf_Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 12.23.38 PM.png

Got to feel for this poor bastard. But rest assured, he will not learn his lesson. Accidents happen, and you better believe, at some point in the near future, he will again be charged with racking a bag. Will he get on his tippy-toes in lieu of a latter? You're damn right he will. He's a man, after all. He's got this.