124th U.S. Open

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Watch this one-armed amateur make a hole-in-one at the American Express

January 17, 2020

There will be thousands and thousands of golf shots taken at the American Express this week, the old Bob Hope event in Palm Springs, which features a three-course rotation with pro-am groups playing 54 holes before a Sunday finale. None of those shots is likely to top what Canadian Laurent Hurtubise pulled off in the first round.

Born without his right arm, Hurtubise is one of the amateurs playing on Troy Merritt's pro-am team. According to a PGA Tour story, Hurtubise plays in the American Express regularly, using his left-arm only to hit drives that regularly travel 230 yards. On Thursday, Hurtubise pulled off what many golfers around the world dream about: Make a hole-in-one ... and he did it during a PGA Tour event.

Watch the shot below from the fourth hole at PGA West's Stadium Course.

Incredible, incredible stuff.

Merritt, himself a three-time PGA Tour winner, said after: “That was the coolest experience I’ve had on the golf course,” Merritt said.

And Greg Chalmers, also in the group, told PGATour.com: “It landed around the front of the green and we were all watching it closely as it tracked toward the hole and then bang, it disappeared. We all went up in celebration and Laurent went ballistic and maybe let out a few choice words, but who could blame him? It was an incredible shot.”

The group's reaction was priceless:

We have a feeling that infectious smile won't be washed away anytime soon. That's the early candidate for the moment of the year on the PGA Tour. And it might be a tough one to dethrone...