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Watch this European Tour player make an ace, win a car, and pull off a perfect running chest bump

May 21, 2015

Miguel Angel Jimenez has given us a couple of great hole-in-one reactions in recent months, but apparently he has competition in that area on the European Tour. Check out Andrew Johnston, aka "Beef," acing Wentworth's 184-yard 10th hole during Thursday's opening round of the BMW PGA Championship:

Make a hole in one ✓ Do a dance ✓ Chest bump ✓ Win a BMW ✓ > — The European Tour (@EuropeanTour) > May 21, 2015

Well done, Andrew. We haven't seen a running chest bump that good since the New York Knicks were NBA contenders in the 1990s.

Johnston -- sorry, "Beef" -- was obviously excited by the shot, but also by the sweet-looking BMW sports car it won him. Unfortunately for Beef, not a lot else went right for him in the opening round. He shot 77 with the ace being his lone hole under par on his scorecard.

Meanwhile, Jimenez is actually one of the early leaders after posting a 68. Factor in the shot, the celebration and the car, though, and Beef definitely beat the Mechanic on this day.