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Watch this crook picking on the wrong truck and the truck scoring a TKO

February 01, 2018

There are lessons here, kids, among them that crime doesn’t pay and you might be ridiculed in the process. Oh, and stay off roofs when you’re under the influence.

This was an attempted break-in of a truck (video below) in the parking lot of KIRO radio in Seattle. Another lesson is that however tough you think you are, trucks are tougher, hence the reason their ad campaigns focus on just how tough they are, i.e. “Ram tough,” “Built Ford tough,” and Toyota Tundra’s “Goes places roads don’t go.”

We can’t tell what kind of a truck is involved here, but it scored a technical knockout of a wannabe thief when he became frustrated over his inability to break into the vehicle and decided to climb onto a roof to do, well, we’re not sure what. It did not end well.

A further downside to his attempt to break into a truck in a radio station parking lot is that when a security camera captured it on video, a professional broadcaster was on hand to provide play-by-play, as KIRO’s John Curley did.

It wasn’t “down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier” memorable, but it wasn’t bad, either.