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Watch the world's cutest golf rapper's best video yet

December 02, 2013

If you're not familiar with Caleb C, you're missing out. The now six-year-old boy who gave us the adorable "I Love Golf" and "It's Humpday!" golf videos has returned with a third creation that might just trump his previous efforts.

In "Puttin' 101," Caleb Corsa continues to show his love of golf while touching on a variety of subjects, from flat-brim hats to the president's golf habits. Young Mr. C even addresses hot-button issues in golf like slow play and anchoring:

"There are a lot of different putters, some are white, some are black, but anchor putters are wicky, wicky wack."

Well said. Perhaps, the USGA's Mike Davis should show this clip to convince Adam Scott and Co. that the anchoring ban is the right move for the game. Check it out:

Near the end of the video, Caleb introduces the fun "Putt, putt, throw your clubs up" dance. Although, we don't recommend people doing that on the course -- unless, of course, you're Jack Nicklaus winning the 1970 British Open.

Other highlights include Caleb lecturing on putting to a group of attentive students and him draining a long putt (the kid's got a nice stroke!) while taking a shot at Justin Bieber. Carry on, Caleb, er, Professor Caleb.