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Watch the University of Minnesota mascot run over a child during halftime of Vikings game

September 24, 2017

After watching their team jump out to a 21-3 lead over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings fans were probably in very high spirits heading to the bathroom, or beer lines, at halftime of Sunday's game. Their team was firing on all cylinders, why not head to the concourse for a celebratory $12 Bud Light, official beer of the NFL.

Well, if you happened to leave your seat at U.S. Bank Stadium at the half, you made an egregious mistake. A mascot vs. small kids in full pads game broke out, and one mascot in particular was taking no mercy:

That's University of Minnesota mascot Goldy Gopher, showing absolutely no regard for human life and truck-sticking a small child into oblivion. I guess, we should have seen this coming, considering the fact Goldy has DONE THIS BEFORE:

Clearly, the kid from today's game didn't watch his game film on Goldy.