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Watch Stephen A. Smith's highly entertaining rant on "CAAAAAddie" Steve Williams

November 03, 2015

Leave it to ESPN's First Take to provide the hottest take on Steve Williams' new book on his time working for Tiger Woods. As you know by now, the part that's drawing the most attention is where Williams says "it was like I was his slave" when talking about how Woods would sometimes toss his clubs on the ground.

Like most people, Stephen A. Smith found that comment just a bit rich from someone who got so rich from working for Woods. Unlike most people, Stephen A. Smith has a very public forum to express his thoughts on the subject. And express them he did during a harsh/humorous segment on Tuesday. Check it out (Go to the 4:15 mark for the money part):

Apparently, Stephen doesn't have a lot of respect for those in Williams' profession.

"Six to eight million dollars for a CAAAAAddie, OK?"

"I understand this guy has accomplished a lot as a CAAAAAAddie. But you're a CAAAAAddie for a reason. Fall the hell back."

OK then.