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Watch Stephen A. Smith make wrong NBA Finals picks for past SIX years in hilarious compilation

June 01, 2017

Look, we know that first-hand from offering weekly fantasy golf picks that predicting sports is tough. Still, this compilation video of Stephen A. Smith picking the wrong winner of the NBA Finals for the past SIX years is funny.

In other words, just because you scream an opinion, doesn't mean you're right.

Smith's dubious streak happens to coincide with LeBron James making a remarkable seven consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, which began when he was with the Miami Heat in 2011. Three times Smith has picked against LeBron and three times he's predicted a LeBron win. Again, he's been wrong all SIX times.

Like we said, making athletic prognostications is hard, but in these cases, Smith, paid a lot of money to be an NBA expert, has a 50/50 chance. Simple math tells us the odds of him getting six of these picks in a row wrong (or right) is 1/64 or a scant 1.56 percent. Watch the clip of Smith's failed predictions through the years here:

For the record, Stephen A. Smith has picked the Golden State Warriors to win the 2017 NBA Finals, which start Thursday night. You're welcome, Cleveland.