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Watch soccer star Aaron Ramsey break a Guinness World Record for golf (We guess)

January 22, 2016

Prepare to be semi-impressed. And totally confused. A Guinness World Record in golf has been broken by a soccer player.

And yet, we're left scratching our heads.

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey appeared on Sky network's "A League of Their Own," and in the middle of the show (perhaps, this is a typical part of the show), a Guinness World Record representative showed up. Host James Corden (where does he have time to host another show?!) then presented Ramsey with a golf club and a ball and told him to try to break the record for "keepie-uppies," aka juggling a golf ball on a club.

Ramsey proceeded to do it 61 times in a 30-second span, supposedly breaking the record. By 46. Huh? Watch and see for yourself:

A solid effort by Ramsey to be sure, but how is that a Guinness World Record? And how was the previous record only 15? Didn't Tiger Woods beat that in that old Nike commercial? Heck, my boss could probably do that, and he's not even a good golfer.

Anyway, congrats to Ramsey, but check out our list of Guinness Golf World Records that will actually wow you.