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Watch soccer goalie literally stop being a soccer goalie, leading to cupcake goal

February 24, 2018

Admittedly, I did not set my alarm to get up and watch the Duisburg vs. Ingolstadt Bundesliga 2 match on Saturday morning, and let's be honest, who did? Well, that's our loss, because apparently we missed out on a "cracking" time as they say.

Early in the first half, with Duisburg up 1-0, Ingolstadt were awarded a penalty kick in the 11th minute, giving them a chance for the equalizer. But Duisburg goalie Mark Flekken was up to the task, keeping Ingolstadt's Stefan Kutschke's attempt out of the net. It was a big moment early in the game that would lead you to believe Flekken was on his game on Saturday, until a few minutes later, when he made one of the gaffes of the century that you need to see to believe:

Did Flekken fall asleep standing up? Did his controller battery shut off? After watching it a few times, it's hard to tell, but according to a few reports written by much more knowledgable soccer people than myself, Flekken apparently went to take a sip from his "drinks bottle", thinking he had time to spare. He did not, and was caught in the back of the net looking utterly lost in space.

Luckily for Flekken, he wasn't the only goalie to add a low light to the all-time blooper reel on Saturday. Check out this colossal mistake from Stoke City's Jack Butland in a game vs. Leicester City:

Rough weekend for soccer goalies!