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Watch Smylie Kaufman take a cake to the face (and back) on his birthday

December 01, 2016

This latest PGA Tour brocation has been dubbed the "Winter Meetings," but Day 2 in Baker's Bay showed a secondary purpose for the gathering: Smylie Kaufman's 25th birthday.

And part of that celebration included getting Kaufman a beautiful golf-themed birthday cake -- and then smashing his face into it. Here's the video shared by his buddy Justin Thomas:

Pretty funny, but also kind of upsetting to see that beautiful creation treated like that.

And it wasn't the first time Kaufman was left cleaning scraps of cake off his body. Earlier in the day, Thomas got Kaufman with the ol' birthday cake off the back move (OK, so we've never heard of that one) as well:

Of course, the boys had plenty of fun doing other things that didn't involve dessert:

Where can we sign up for winter meetings like this?