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Watch Roger Clemens put serious action on this approach shot at the CareerBuilder Challenge

January 20, 2017

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Roger Clemens didn't get into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week, but saw a significant percentage increase in his nomination, signaling possible Cooperstown induction down the road. Better yet, the seven-time Cy Young winner is playing in the pro-am component of the CareerBuilder Challenge. Paired with Camilo Villegas, Clemens is proving his skills aren't confined to the baseball field, evidenced in this action off an approach shot at the 13th hole at the PGA West Nicklaus course:

Spin like that on the diamond would get an opposing manager screaming about a spit ball.

Given his increased presence on the links -- he was seen this winter tossing ball with Tiger Woods -- expect more golf-related showcases from Clemens in the future.