Happy Gilmore Turns 20
February 17, 2016

Watch PGA Tour pros attempt the "Happy Gilmore" swing

With all the tributes pouring in, you'd think it was the anniversary of something really important, like our nation's birth or women getting the right to vote. But no, it's just one of the silliest movies ever made turning 20. And we're all in.

Be sure to check out our Joel Beall's ode to the classic comedy, and in the meantime, check out this video the PGA Tour posted of pros attempting Happy's famed running swing:

Want more? A few years back, the European Tour made a similar video:

Padraig Harrington didn't hit it quite as far as Happy, but 328 yards was pretty amazing.

Of course, others haven't been as successful. Take Paige Spiranac:

But John Peterson's attempt tops them all. The PGA Tour pro not only pulled it off, but did it during an actual tournament:

OK, that's enough Happy Gilmore content. Well, until the 25th anniversary.

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