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Watch Patrick Reed break the gavel at the New York Stock Exchange's closing bell ceremony

August 23, 2016

Patrick Reed is one of the best golfers in the world, largely on the strength of a fantastic short game. That soft touch, however, doesn’t appear to carry over to other activities.

Reed was at the closing bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday afternoon, representing the PGA Tour ahead of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and looking snazzy and patriotic in a blue blazer with an American flag tie (think this guy wants to make the U.S. Ryder Cup team again?). But a bizarre thing happened when he banged the gavel. It broke. As in, it actually snapped into two pieces from the force of this young star. Thanks to Twitter user @WillHarrelson for catching this instant classic. Check it out:

Keep in mind, though, that Reed is an Olympic athlete. Reed eventually posted a clip as well:

We love Reed’s stunned reaction as the end of the gavel goes flying into the crowd. But perhaps, he should have yelled "fore!" to be safe.