Watch out, world: Steve Elkington is getting his own television show

If Steve Elkington was keeping a low profile after his controversial Twitter feed got him in hot water earlier this year that appears as if it's going to change. The former PGA Championship winner is ready to resurface as he roles out a new gig: television host.

Elkington's show will air on the Nebraska-based network RFD-TV starting in July, according to Golf World, and will focus on golf courses across North America. The show will also feature instruction from Elkington, Mike Maves and Jackie Burke. Maves and Burke co-founded with Elkington the website

Here's a selection from Dave Shedloski's piece, which includes an interview with the show's Executive Producer, Judith Coleman:

"It's a show about finding these hidden gems and the discovery of the human spirit in golf," Coleman said. "It's really an extension of the website and drawing people into the game. And it will be fun for people to see Steve in a new light."

"My team loves golf so much that we decided to do this show and focus on other people that love it so much, and why do they love it so much," Elkington, a 10-time PGA Tour winner, said.

"That's what 'The Rural Golfer' is. We just want to go to these everyday places that unveil the love of the game and get right down to the heart of it and what lengths they'll go to in order to achieve it. And the stories that come out of that are amazing."