124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Educated Guess

Watching Nelly Korda guess her shot yardages is almost as impressive as her LPGA season


Andy Lyons

There’s been a lot of talk lately (this website included) about Nelly Korda’s role as an ambassador for the game. We know that she can win golf tournaments and dominate the field at a historic rate, but some have wondered if she’s too walled off to grow golf as a sport.

Respectfully, phooey.

Is there anything more important than winning, winning and then winning some more? No. And Korda’s been racking up wins in spades of late. Then there’s her stunning Met Gala showing, her emphasis on her swing and now this jaw-dropping TaylorMade video in which she guesses her yardages with spooky accuracy. Check it out.

The Women’s World No. 1 is a machine, guessing within three yards on every single shot. “Her worst guess was only 1.3% off at 223yds,” one of the commenters figured out. Who needs a shot-tracer when you have Korda estimating yardage?

“Awesome, awesome,” says a clearly awe-struck tester. “You certainly know your yardages."

It’s fun to watch Korda open up and break down her game where she’s most comfortable … hitting golf balls. Maybe she's a bit reserved off the course, but on it, she's box office, and certainly better than any of us at this guessing game.

As LPGA Tour vet Christina Kim told Shane Ryan, “If anything, she’s the perfect ambassador for our game. She has integrity, she will absolutely murder you on the golf course, and there’s no gamesmanship, no snark. She has a good and kind soul.”

She also hit the ball 112.9 yards and innately knew that it went 112 yards. That’s as pure a golfer as it gets.