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Watch K.J. Choi show off a surprisingly strong singing voice

October 19, 2015

K.J. Choi's list of talents keeps growing. As a young man, he was a competitive weightlifter. He then became a terrific golfer, winning eight PGA tour titles, including the 2011 Players. And now it looks like he's transitioning into the next phase of his career: Becoming the Korean Tony Bennett.

Thanks to fellow South Korean tour pro Danny Lee, we have video of Choi crooning in front of a room full of people. And with the backing of a full string ensemble. In other words, this was a legit performance.

The rest of the details are fuzzy. We don't know what the event was, just that it was pretty swanky since Choi was wearing a tuxedo. We don't know what song Choi is singing. We don't even know what he's singing about. We just know Choi is singing. And he sounds fantastic. Check it out: