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Watch Kevin from "The Office" play our new favorite game, BEER GOLF

November 04, 2015

Brian Baumgartner is better known as Kevin from the hit show, "The Office." He's also known in these parts as one of the most avid celebrity golfers.

As such, Baumgartner appeared on a new web show, "Celebrities in Golf Carts" -- a golf version of Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." And he played a new -- at least, to us -- game: Beer Golf.

Based on beer pong, Baumgartner took on the show's host, Mark Willard, in a game of chipping golf balls into pitchers of beer. Sounds fun, right? Have a look:

Baumgartner came out on the short end this time, but we'll always remember the episode in which he hustled everyone. You know, the one where Andy Bernard did this:

Hmm. Celebrities crashing golf carts. Now that's an idea.