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Watch Jordan Spieth pass the claret jug around at a concert

July 26, 2017

In the days following Jordan Spieth's win at the 146th British Open, the young star seems to have swapped his golf shoes for cowboy boots. But he's still holding on tight to that claret jug.

Spieth has been celebrating with golf's oldest trophy since leaving Royal Birkdale and flying home to Dallas on Sunday night, including plenty of friends and family along the way. And on Tuesday, the victory tour stopped at the House of Blues, where Spieth jumped on stage with musicians Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen. He passed his newest proud possession around, allowing Rogers and Bowen to drink from it before taking another swig himself. Have a look:

And here it is from a different angle:

Enjoy, Jordan. After all, that's what claret jugs were created for.

And we're not expecting the party to end anytime soon. Spieth has a 24th birthday to celebrate on Thursday.