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Watch Jayson Tatum tell Joel Embiid "you got lucky" after nearly killing him with vicious dunk

Saturday was a day of absolute daggers across the sports world, the most notable one being when LeBron James ripped out the hearts of every player on the Toronto Raptors roster. Yet still, that may not have been as bad as what happened in Philadelphia, where the Sixers rained confetti down on their fans to celebrate forcing overtime.

Harsh? Sure. Maybe the confetti guy thought Marco Bellinelli's last-second shot was a three-pointer, but it's still a terrible look for Philly, a proud sports town that was on top of the world just a few months ago, and now has sunk all the way back to the bottom. As nine-point favorites in their own building, the Sixers fumbled the ball away multiple times with the game on the line, eventually leading to a crushing three-point loss and now a 3-0 series deficit that will be too much to overcome. To make matters worse, Sixers star center Joel Embiid was nearly killed by Jayson Tatum in the process.

With the game tied at 81 late in the fourth, Tatum came crashing down the lane and went flying to the rim for a vicious dunk, but he was met by Embiid, who managed to do enough to deny the Celtics rookie from finishing it off. Knowing he let one get away, Tatum had a few words for Embiid on his way to the free throw line:

While Embiid did enough to stop him, we're going to have to agree with Tatum, who damn near killed him with this slam. Knowing what we know now with the confetti and the eventual loss, had this dunk gone down too, all of Philly might have had to just pack it in and call it a series. Luckily, Tatum couldn't connect, and Embiid lived to fight another day, aka get swept after opening the series as overwhelming favorites.