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That time Jack Nicklaus was stopped by security driving down Magnolia Lane

March 29, 2018

Golf fans often wonder what it would be like to make the drive down Magnolia Lane. But what’s it like for a legend like Jack Nicklaus? Well, not as different as you’d think.

Check out this cool video of Nicklaus arriving at Augusta National in 2016—and getting stopped by security. Multiple times. Yep, even a man with 18 majors is subject to the rigorous rules at the Masters.

“May I see your badge, sir?” Imagine if Jack replied: How about I show you one of my SIX green jackets instead?

Of course, once the security guards realized who it was, they became more lenient, even agreeing to let Nicklaus' son in a car behind him with no badge to come in as well. Side note: How does Jack Nicklaus’ son not have his own Masters credential?!

Jack also doesn't seem as jazzed up about the drive as you might expect. Then again, when you've been making this drive for nearly six decades -- and getting stopped along the way -- it makes more sense.