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Hamilton Golf & Country Club

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Watch Harold Varner III recreate Tiger's incredible shot from 2000 Canadian Open

The RBC Canadian Open has provided some memorable finishes in its history, none more memorable than Tiger Woods' victory in 2000. New Zealand's Grant Waite battled Tiger for the entire final round leading up to the 18th hole, where Woods held a one-stroke lead. The 14-time major champ's tee shot found a fairway bunker, leaving him 218 yards away with a tucked pin and a lake in front of the green. Instead of playing it safe, Tiger took out his six-iron and pulled off what could arguably be the most incredible shot in a career full of them.

During Wednesday's practice round at this week's RBC Canadian Open, PGA Tour pro Harold Varner III attempted to recreate Tiger's historic shot.

Not bad HV3! While he was under much different circumstances than Tiger, and needed an extra club, it's still impressive to pull it off on the first try. Now, the question is, if Varner III faces a similar shot on Sunday with a one shot lead, will he give it a go? We don't recommend it.