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Watch David Howell get robbed of a hole-in-one by his playing partner's golf ball

October 14, 2016

If you have trouble watching golfers getting bad breaks, you might want to shield your eyes. This could be the cruelest of them all. David Howell was robbed of a hole-in-one by his playing partner's golf ball. Yes, really.

The unthinkable happened during the second round of the British Masters. Howell hit a perfect tee shot on The Grove's 174-yard, par-3 13th that was tracking toward the hole until glancing off the ball of English amateur Scott Gregory, who had hit a great shot of his own moments before. You really have to see it to believe it:

It's a little easier to stomach when you keep in mind that Howell is a former Ryder Cupper and top-10 player in the world who has made millions of dollars playing golf. He's probably made more holes-in-one than anyone reading this could ever dream of. But still, that's brutal.

If Howell's ball hadn't taken that crazy detour, could it still have missed the hole? Maybe. Should Howell try to convince himself of that before he goes to sleep tonight? Definitely.