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Watch college baseball players practice their putting while a teammate gets interviewed

May 25, 2017

The bench players on the Monmouth men's basketball team became a national sensation last year with their coordinated celebrations and antics. But the guys on Oregon's baseball team this year might give them a run for their money.

During a recent postgame interview involving one of the players, a couple of fellow Ducks tried putting a baseball through their teammate's legs. Thanks to our friends at Barstool Sports for finding/sharing this funny video. And bonus style points to the second guy who bent down to read the putt and then after missing, still waved his hat to the crowd. Check it out:

The most amazing part of the clip is that the guy getting interviewed was completely oblivious to it all until the announcer informed him.

"Did you see your boys behind you? They were playing golf."

Boys will be boys, right?