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Watch Charley Hoffman hit a total duff off the tee -- and laugh

April 23, 2016

Maybe you played golf on Saturday. If you did, you probably hit some shots you're not proud of. But you definitely didn't have millions of people watching.

Such is life for PGA Tour pros, who contrary to popular belief, are susceptible on occasion to the kinds of shots that you're used to seeing in your weekend foursome. And in the third round of the Valero Texas Open, Charley Hoffman, fell victim to such a rare awful swing on the sixth tee while being only one shot out of the lead. Check it out -- and feel a bit better about your own game:

And here's another angle:

PGA Tour Shot Tracker generously recorded the shot as going 212 yards. It also said Hoffman's ball reached the fairway, which it clearly didn't. Again, generous.

In any matter, what separates Hoffman from the rest of us weekend hacks is how he reacted. First, by laughing it off. And then by making par.

UPDATE: And then by winning the golf tournament!