VideoDecember 3, 2015

Watch Bubba Watson yell at the ground after getting a "mud ball"

Nobody likes a mud ball -- it's unlucky when you find a patch of mud on your golf ball and have to play it as it lies.

But perhaps nobody gets as emotional about his rotten fortune as two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson. Bubba, who wasn't afraid to yell about a mud ball he had at the Masters back in 2012, was back to yelling about his dirty ball at the Hero World Challenge on Thursday.

Here's the video:

Certain players can't shake their reputation. When it comes to Bubba, the guy just does not suppress any emotion on the course. It's who he is.

Remember the anthill at the PGA Championship?

And him yelling about a spike mark earlier this year:

There's a reason there's a hashtag on Twitter (#PrayForTedScott) that expresses sympathy for his caddie. You know, it's Bubba being Bubba.


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