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Watch Bill Murray find out his son has never seen "Caddyshack"

March 22, 2016

We've seen a lot of crazy things happen during this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Arguably the biggest upset ever in Middle Tennessee knocking off co-favorite Michigan State. Arguably the best buzzer-beater ever in Northern Iowa's half-court shot to beat Texas. And certainly the greatest/worst collapse of all-time in Northern Iowa losing to Texas A&M in the next round.

But one fact has emerged that's more unbelievable than any of the action that's transpired. Luke Murray, son of Bill Murray, is an assistant coach for Xavier. And it turns out, he's NEVER seen Caddyshack.

The fact that any adult male hasn't seen the comedy classic is surprising. But when you factor in Luke's dad having played such a pivotal role in the film and his uncle, Brian Doyle-Murray being a co-writer, it becomes downright mind-boggling.

Luke's stunning admission came during a recent interview with ESPN in which he was asked for his favorite line from Caddyshack. His response? "I've never seen it. I've heard it's good, but I've never seen it." Good? That's it?! (Side note: This would not fly if he were a backup quarterback to Peyton Manning, who makes the movie required viewing.)

Then, while being interviewed with his father, he's forced to reveal to Bill -- Carl Spackler himself -- that he's never seen the movie. Not surprisingly, Murray's reaction is priceless. Check it out (3:16 mark):

Yet another buzzer-beater ended Xavier's season on Sunday. At least, Luke has a good movie to look forward to this week.