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Watch (and hold your breath) as Tiger Woods plays catch with Roger Clemens on a golf course

December 10, 2016

Tiger Woods made it through his first tournament back with out any injury setbacks. Days later, he had people holding their breath as he took to the golf course again. Not because he was hitting shots, but because he was playing catch. Yes, playing catch.

On Friday, Tiger Woods was on hand for the opening of a new short course in Cabo, part of his Diamante Golf Resort design. There was video of Woods hitting an easy wedge and calling his shot ("Should I hold it or ride it?" referring to the wind):

OK, nothing to worry about there. But then, somehow, he ended up wearing a baseball glove and having a catch with someone on the course. Woods, who has had THREE back surgeries within the past three years, threw mostly side-arm (even more reason to cringe!) and gave his tosses a little juice. Check it out:

And apparently, the person the 14-time major champ was playing catch with was seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens.

OK, so that's pretty cool, but still, we have two questions:

Fortunately, golf fans don't have another Rory McIlroy-soccer incident on their hands. Yet. Seriously, Tiger, be careful out there.