124th U.S. Open

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Watch Alvaro Quiros absolutely get hosed on a tap-in

October 15, 2015

There are some weird things going on in golf on Thursday. In Fiji, people were left thinking, "How did that go in?" after Matt Kuchar's ball found the bottom of the cup thanks to a gust of wind. In Portugal, people were left wondering, "How did that not go in?" after Alvaro Quiros was the victim of one of the worst lip-outs you'll ever see.

In fact, it's not even fair to call this one a lip-out. Quiros tapped his ball into the hole on the 12th hole of the opening round of the Portugal Masters, started to lean down to pick it up, and the ball just popped out. You know, like what happens sometimes in mini-golf when there are metal holes. Check it out:

Poor guy.