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Watch Adam Scott and Rafa Cabrera Bello eat live bugs (If you can stomach it)

November 03, 2016

As far as we know, this was not a bet. Adam Scott and Rafa Cabrera Bello ate bugs on their own accord. Live bugs, that is.

Don't believe us? Just watch. Well, if you can stomach watching:

Scott drew attention for serving Moreton Bay Bugs at the 2014 Masters Champions Dinner. But while those were more like small lobsters, the critters in this video look like actual bugs. And again, they're still living.

"It's freaking out," Scott says before he puts the bug in his mouth. Um, yeah. How would you react if you were about to be eaten alive?!

"Not bad," Cabrera Bello said after.

No report on whether either went back for seconds.