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Watch a golfer get run over by a cart in what might be the craziest golf commercial ever

December 08, 2015

There's a good chance you've never heard of Lanlet, which apparently, is a Danish financial services firm. Yet, there's just as good of a chance you'll remember this commercial the company just put out.

In it, a couple guys look like they're enjoying a nice round of golf together and are about to tee off on a par 3. Although, that doesn't look like a tee box. . . And the guy isn't using a tee. . . In fact, it looks like he's hitting out of the rough. . . But we digress. . .

The details aren't important. What's important is one guy is about to hit his ball when he gets run over by a speeding golf cart that then drives away. As in totally trucked/steamrolled/plowed by a golf cart.

We don't speak Danish, but we're going to assume this is some sort of analogy for getting blindsided by fees. In any matter, this looks terribly painful and dangerous. Until you remember it's a commercial. And it's fake. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out: