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Watch a Euro Tour winner find out he made a hole-in-one -- when he gets to the green

April 28, 2016

They say the best part of making a hole-in-one is seeing it go in the hole. I say "they say," because I wouldn't know. Still, I don't think anyone -- even a successful tour pro -- is picky about the circumstances of an ace, but this is a new one.

Rikard Karlberg made a hole-in-one during the first round of the Volvo China Open -- and he didn't realize it until he reached the green. Check out his sweet shot and his reaction upon learning of his good fortune:

And here was him plucking the ball from the hole and kissing it:

Karlberg gave this explanation for how he didn't know he's made an ace after:

Apparently, Stephen Gallacher's eye sight isn't as good as he thinks. Either that, or he was pranking his playing partner.

And it looks like Karlberg, who won last year's Italian Open, also won a new Volvo XC90 for his efforts.

OK, so he's definitely not going to picky about how this ace happened.