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Watch a big, bad Irish rugby star hit a golf ball one inch and make Rory McIlroy burst into laughter

October 12, 2015

On Monday, Rory McIlroy hung out with Ireland's National Rugby Team. Presumably, the fitness buff was impressed by the players' physical statures, but as for their golf, that's another story.

McIlroy hit balls and gave pointers to the guys. Apparently, star Luke Fitzgerald needs a few more lessons. Check out his attempted drive that had the four-time major champion and everyone else in attendance cracking up:

The club goes about 20 yards. The ball? Maybe one inch. That's tough to do. McIlroy later tweeted a photo of the club at, um, impact:

Of course, to be fair, the rugby guys might have the same reaction if Rory tried to run through one of them.