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This 11-year-old just made the best golf rap video you'll see in all of 2015

January 05, 2015

Recently, we compiled a countdown of the top 25 golf viral videos of 2014. But we already have a front-runner for the 2015 list.

Meet Matty, an 11-year-old golfing enthusiast/entrepreneur from Vermont. Apparently, Matty, is also an aspiring rapper. Here, he takes Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and creates his own song, called "#StopDropAndMakeA12Foota." The lyrics are catchy, but his reactions to making 12-footers everywhere -- and we mean everywhere -- are what make this an instant classic. Enjoy:

There are more fun videos from Matty on his website (where he's also started a golf clothing line) and on Twitter and Instagram, where he has the screen name @Md_18undapar. Why is that his screen name? Because he believes he's going to do that one day. How can you not love this kid?!

And maybe it's not as crazy as it sounds. Ben Hogan once said, "I see no reason why a golf course cannot be played in 18 birdies. Just because no one has ever done that doesn't mean it can't be done."

Good luck, Matty, we're rooting for you. And good luck to everyone else trying to top this video in 2015. The bar has been set really, really high.