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Want to work the Masters? Watch this Augusta National video (with theme music) first

October 29, 2015

File this one under “Only at Augusta National.”

The club has produced a six-minute video, complete with the Masters’ theme song as background music, featuring employees extolling the virtues of working during Masters week and offering advice on how not to afoul of the powers that be. They even used the word “patrons” in accordance with Augusta National policy.

The video can be viewed on this website in which Augusta National is offering Masters week job opportunities to Georgia Regents University students, whom it implores to watch the video first, "for valuable employee insight."


Among the comments in the video:

“You are representing the Masters Invitational Tournament. Patrons and guests do not want to see a sloppy person. Clean shaven. Hair pulled back. Neatly dressed. Clothes ironed.”

“No outlandish jewelry. Simple earrings. Small studs. Little hoops.”

“I would say natural coloring is perfect for here.”

“Don’t color your hair a week before the Masters pink, a bright pink, and then expect that everybody’s going to be OK with that.”

“If you do have tattoos that are visible they need to somehow be covered by their uniform.”

“Visible tattoos are definitely not the way to go. It’s just not part of the golf culture.”

“Piercing, a no go.”

“Bring your smile.”

“Put on your good-attitude hat.”

All of it is practical advice for virtually any job applicant anywhere, but set to the soothing Masters theme song, it somehow seem less authoritarian.