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Want to swing faster? Then learn how to slow down

November 18, 2016

Whether it's NASCAR, football or golf, hitting the breaks properly is one of the most important facets of generating more speed. In golf, the concept is this simple: If you swing as hard as you can, but your muscles aren't functioning the way they should, you're either have to let go of the club in the through-swing or you could end up with some pretty nasty injuries such as soft-tissue tears. A torn rotator cuff muscle (shoulder joint) or tensor fascia latae (hips) are particularly in harms way. So if your goal is to pick up some clubhead speed, and do it without ending up needing time off from golf for surgery, train your muscles to be able to decelerate your swing safely. And that also means training the lower body as well as your upper body. You need to focus on how key muscle groups function when you're trying to stop action. Click on the video above for two key exercises that will get you started.